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Online Counseling for Anxiety & Maternal Mental Health in New Jersey


-Generalized anxiety

-Worrying related to transitions and life events

-Obsessive behaviors or thoughts

-Panic attacks

-Social anxiety



-Fertility challenges

-Anxiety and depression during pregnancy

-Establishing healthy pregnancy habits

-Postpartum anxiety

-Postpartum depression

-Transitioning to parenthood

-Lactation and breastfeeding challenges

-Parenting stress

-Perfectionism in motherhood

-Grief, Loss, & Trauma

-Pregnancy or infant loss


-Stress management

-Relationship conflicts

-Interpersonal conflicts

-Healing from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse

-Grief and loss

-Work/career challenges

-​Navigating transitions

-Dating and relationships

Though I specialize in anxiety and perinatal/postpartum mental health, I am trained in many forms of mental health therapy.  If you are struggling with something not listed here, please feel free to reach out to see if we'd be a good fit.

Providing online therapy in New Jersey for individuals with anxiety and maternal mental health

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